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Moving Forward into Perfection

We produce various taste of seasonings, such as chickencurry, cheese, beef barbeque, roasted corn, sambal balado,and hot BBQ. Spread our seasonings to your preparedchips or french fries and experience the wonderful tasteof your delicious snacks.
Not only seasonings, we also provide modified starches and spices, such as, pepper powder, garlic, ginger, turmeric powder, and cinnamon powder in good quality.
Enhance your food processing with us…
We produce various kind of industrial machineries, such as Spray Drier, Autoclave, Boiler, Conveyors, Bioreactors, Mixers, Driers,  Grader, Shaker, Crusher, Destilation units, Retort, etc. We give services in consultation, custome-made design, and a one year
Enhance your food processing with proper technology to achieve perfection. Let us know when you need improvement. We will be ready to support you.